Jaseng Medical Academy Internship Program

※ In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the internship program may currently be postponed, with the added option of conducting remotely with minimized activities in Korea once the pandemic subsides.

Jaseng Medical Academy is offering pre-med, medical school and healthcare major students interested in integrative medicine and business operations the opportunity to intern with Jaseng Medical Academy. Current pre-med or medical students enrolled in any U.S. pre-med track or MD or DO medical school programs, and healthcare major students are welcome to apply to our internship program. The program offers insights into a Korean medicine approach to healthcare, business development, and global affairs to promote the knowledge of advanced integrative medicine through collaborative partnerships with leading medical institutions all over the world with special focus on the U.S.

Email to jasengliaison@gmail.com

Program Details

Insight into Korean medicine hospital operations and management
Researching and presenting on healthcare organizations, the U.S. healthcare system, and various other medical topics
Copyediting English content on integrative Korean medicine
Shadowing opportunities with Jaseng International Clinic
Global conference and events planning and implementation
Participating in social outreach events and volunteer work
Networking with co-workers, hospital staff, and international guests
Guided tours of Jaseng's on-site and off-site facilities
Cultural experience with office-wide dinners and field trips

Intern Requirements

Native in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills
Well-organized with good time management capacity for multi-tasking and ability to lead own initiatives
Adaptability to work well in group settings of different (Korean) culture and working environment
At least 3rd year undergraduate or higher university or postgraduate student
15-hour week commitment for at least 2 months
  Internship period and detailed working conditions are flexible.

Internship Benefits

Lunch, coffee, and snacks provided during working hours at affiliated cafeteria
Issuance of certificate of completion and letter of recommendation upon program completion
Clinical exposure to Korean medicine based on concurrent integrative medicine knowledge
Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with Korean medicine healthcare professionals
Opportunity to participate in global conferences and networking events
Schedule flexible to accommodate interns' individual needs

How to Apply

Please fill out the application form below and send it with the following application documents to jasengliaison@gmail.com
- Cover letter stating your interest in integrative medicine, future career goals, and specific experiences related to research or healthcare business operations
- Resume
Jaseng Medical Academy may ask you for the following additional application documents as needed.
- Proof of enrollment (unofficial transcripts also accepted)
- Immunization records (waived for remote internship cases with regard to COVID-19)
※ Applications are accepted and reviewed all year round. Qualified candidates will receive email notifications to move through to the next process (remote interview).
- Application Form : Download Application Form


Ryan Choi 20200709
I had the most wonderful opportunity to gain greater exposure to the different facets of medicine that differed from the Western convention. Working in the office and shadowing in the International Clinic gave me a novel perspective on how medicine (both clinical and administration) works in Korean healthcare.

Ryan Bohyun Choi, University of Chicago ‘22, Pre-med
Fatoumata Wague 20200629
For me, one of the most memorable experiences was watching the intro videos to explain Jaseng and Korean Medicine. I learned to value the patients experience more and to let them take charge of their own healing. (Remote working in the States)

Barnard College at Columbia University ‘22, Pre-med
Grace Jung 20200619
The Internship Program at Jaseng Hospital was a unique opportunity that exposed me to Korean and integrative medicine for the first time. I hope that, as much as it was a valuable experience for me, I will be able to take these new insights and apply them to my future studies.

Boston College ‘22, Pre-med
Sophia Nguyen 20200609
I was able to learn a great deal about Korean medicine and integrative medicine during my time at Jaseng. I am grateful that I was able to observe methods of treatment used in Korean medicine, such as acupuncture, cupping, and Chuna manipulation, and hope to see these in use more globally in the future.

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Georgia, MS-2
Donghyuk Choi 20200518
For the past two months of working as an intern, I learned a lot of things. Although I did not have a chance to work at the hospital very much, I did come to believe that Jaseng’s medicine is a lot like conventional medicine.

University of Rochester ‘22, Pre-med
Kelly Huang 20190916
I came to appreciate the holistic patient approach that is an integral part of the doctor-patient interaction at Jaseng, which aims not only to treat the condition itself, but also to maintain the patient's personal well-being. There is a high level of trust between doctor and patient only found at such an institution that upholds result-driven customized personal care.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) '22, Pre-med
Whitney Peng 20190610 2
Jaseng internship was one of the most memorable learning experiences I have had throughout my course of study. I have learned ways to organize events from scratches, conduct marketing research, and understanding the operational system in a hospital.

Emory University ‘21, Pre-med
Eva Blake 20190610 1
Perhaps most strikingly, however, was the attention to individuals and their health, while producing medication for people around the country. Each case and each patient was uniquely cared for.

Columbia University '20, Pre-med
Migila Cornejo 20190610
My experience at Jaseng Hospital was very immersive. I loved learning about all the different modalities of medicine and witnessing first hand how Korean medicine is practiced.

A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Internship Alumni

Yunna Sinskey
Dartmouth College

Amber Chen
University of Pennsylvania '18

Miglia Cornejo
A.T. Still University School of
Osteopathic Medicine '21

Whitney Peng
Emory University '21

Diana Ruan
Columbia University '17

Grace Wang
Washington University St. Louis '18

Lisa Young Bin Kim
Columbia University '18

Kelly Huang
University of California, Los Angeles '22

Kristin Suhr
The University of Illinois '12

Lucy De La Cruz
University of Mississippi '20

Eva Blake
Columbia University '20

Donghyuk Choi
University of Rochester '21

Sophia Nguyen
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Georgia '23

Grace Jung
Boston College '22

Fatoumata Wague
Barnard College '22

Ryan Bohyun Choi
The University of Chicago '22

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